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After reading Anda's post on food allergies the other day, I had a "duh" moment. It hit me that Missy may be allergic to chicken. Her allergies were nothing major, but she was licking her feet and scratching her ears often. It bugged me that she was itchy.


So, for the past 2 days she has had no chicken. And for the past 2 days she has not scratched her ears, and has barely licked her feet. Yippee!


Poor girl, I feel kinda bad I've been feeding her food that made her uncomfortable :rolleyes: .


Kipp will be put to good use eating up the Merricks and EVO that Miss is no longer getting :D .


P.S. Thanks Anda!

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Maralynn, I'm glad Missy's feeling so much better!!!! Here's to banning chicken from our two extra sensitive pups' diets! Yay!


(PS Mine got a hold of a tiny piece of turkey that fell on the floor this morning as I was making a sandwich to take with me to work, and, needless to say, this evening he has the runs and has gotten a Pepto for the night )

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