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Is there somewhere to report vaccine reactions?


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Just wondering if there was an organization that keeps track of vaccine reactions in dogs like there is for humans?


Maya my 5 month old, had a pretty severe reaction to her last vaccine (at 18wks) and I was just wondering if that sort of thing is kept track of.


She had no problem with the combo shots given at 8, 12, and 16wks, and no problem with rabies, my Vet recommends a final parvo only vaccine at 18wks and after she received that she sort of slumped on the table (we though she was just stressed at the time) took her to the waiting room where she promptly threw up a couple times we both thought vaccine reaction and I immediately looked at her gums and they were as white as could be, She got a subQ shot of Dex/antihistamine. We waited a bit and she was not showing signs of improvement so she got a IV shot of the same, We waited around for about an hour in the Vet waiting room and she finally started pinking back up. Very scary. I have seen some vaccine reactions before (worked as a Vet Tech in college) but nothing quite that severe.


Funny thing is not two minutes before she got the vaccine I was talking to my Vet about doing titers on my animals instead of vaccines after she got her puppy vaccines. We both looked at each other after the reaction was over and said no more vaccines for this one....

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Yes, there is somewhere to report adverse vaccine reactions.


Go to http://www.dogsadversereactions.com/fdasuspect.html


The reporting information is about half way down the page at "(7)" and the paragraph below.


Maybe check with your veterinarian to learn if he has already reported the incident.

He SHOULD HAVE. And if not - shame on him.

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