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Braggin' on "my" pups!

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Two of the puppies from the litter I bred two years ago were recently in their first agility trials, with good results!


Murphy was in his first trial two weekends ago. He Q'd in Jumpers and won his class! His enthusiasm got away from him in Standard, where he took a few extra obstacles. In his second trial, last weekend, he had no qualifying runs, but they had a lot of fun and were crowd favorites. His owner said that someone commented that watching him with Murphy is like a teenager with a sportscar. I got a good laugh out of that! It runs in the family, as the agility instructor of one of the other littermates calls her "a little Ferrari!"


Ollie had his first trial last weekend. A student of his owner handles him. Ollie ran at level 2 in a CPE trial. He Q'd in five different classes, and finished with a 1st, two 2nds, a 3rd, and a 4th!


The reason I'm posting here instead of in the Agility forum is because some of you may remember these two boys. They were both relinquished to me last year by their original owners, within a week or two of each other, at just about their first birthday (the magic age!). I am so happy that I was able to get them into homes where the drive and energy that caused problems for them in their first homes, has now become an asset.

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Congrats on the little ones! That is reason enough to feel very proud indeed! :rolleyes:


I was thinking of getting Dazzle started in CPE as well as NADAC. CPE is a pretty cool venue!


Congratulations to Murphy and Ollie on all their Q's!

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