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OK I pulled this from the recall thread, please bear with me. It has been twelve years since I had a puppy. IThe vet does not want me to start puppy classes until a week after spaying on the 23rd of May, And I could not do it before hand until all of the puppy shots were done.


Here is my question from the recall bit:


How do I get started for the very beginning?


I have to use the excited voice, to get Roxie started. In fact most of her basic commands, I am still using the treat to help position her.

She will sit, even if she doesn't see the treat, but down has not clicked yet, I have to trail the treat in front of her to make her body do what I want.


I know parctice, practice, practice. Until she gets the meaning down, don't I do what ever possible to get the outcome I want to reward?


Do I start with "Come" lessons with her on a short lead so I can direct her and use a "normal"voice?


I am on the boat, but Mine has a few holes still. I will catch up as I can.


Thank you for your help you guys. I really appreciate it.


Also, do I do a bit of each "trick" each day. Or focus on one at a time?




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I still use the happy puppy voice for my pup's recall. I am slowly transitioning from "puppy, puppy, puppy" or "Larky, Larky, Larky" to just plain "Lark" or "here, Lark," still generally using that happy puppy voice. I see no reason to rush it, especially with something as important as a recall....


It occurred to me the other day that I might want to put some other commands on her (LOL!) so I started working on sit. She doesn't have a perfect obedience sit by any means, but she got the basic concept in something like 5 minutes (though I do need to help her understand that sit doesn't mean to flop over sometimes).


I think the most important thing with a pup is to keep lessons fun--no drilling.



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