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Fun Practice Session Last Night

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It's been so hot here that I have to wait until after 9 pm to work with Cheyenne, and even then it's still almost 90 degrees. Her agility lesson was cancelled last week due to a big storm that came in, so I've been working with her on my own for two weeks. I can do a lot training in the house, but not jumping. Her lesson is tonight, so last night we went out to practice jumps. I've made a practice jump in my backyard from a set of jackstands and a piece of PVC pipe. She also loves to play keep away/chase with her ball, so I also took a new ball out for her. I planned on doing the practice first, then giving her the ball for fun.


It didn't work out that way. As I was grabbing the jackstands to set them up, I dropped the ball and all bets were off. I've been doing the practice jumps with her on a leash and that sure wasn't going to happen once she had the ball. But then, she started doing the jump on her own. As she ran around, she was lining up and going over the jump. So, I started coordinating it with commands and directions, and pretty soon she was going to the jump when I wanted from both directions. We had a lot of fun doing it, and she never dropped the ball while jumping. Now if I can get her to do it offleash and without the ball. :rolleyes:

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