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Introducing Finnegan to a kittenTho

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Here's the short story:


Finn has met two cats, and was good with them. They were full-grown and dog-savvy.


Matt (the BF) has just rescued a 3-month old kitten. As Finn likes the cats he's met, and the kitten is new to dogs, I feel that if introduced properly, all will be well, and they'll at least be tolerant of one another.


My only issue is Finn's typical impulsive BC behaviour. Matt held the kitten tonight, and the kitten showed curiousness in Finn... until Finn leaped at Matt's legs trying to get to the kitten, tail wagging away. The kitten hissed and tried to clamber up Matt's shoulder. We made a mistake in "introducing" them that way, I'm sure, and I wanted some advice before we proceed any further. Finn's sit-stay and down-stay are usually pretty solid, but he forgot it as soon as he saw the kitten.


Since Finn is so over-impulsive and the kitten -is- curious about Finn, and I don't want her to be frightened of him, what do you folks feel is a good way to introduce them? The kitten is staying in our bedroom for the time being until she receives her next booster next week, so keeping them apart for now is no problem. We're doing a "crate and rotate" so the kitten has safe time to explore her new surroundings.


I've read a few articles on the basics of cat-dog introduction, but I was looking for some BC-savvy advice. We're also thinking of waiting at least another month or two before re-introducing them, and introducing them with Finn on lead, especially since she is so small, that even if Finn just tries to play with her, she may be harmed too easily.



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Does Finn have a crate? I'd try crating him and letting the kitten wander around. Or maybe baby gate off the room that the kitten is in and supervise so they can see each other but aren't in contact. Then divert Finn with toys or training time so he learns to refocus on you and that the very interesting kitten is no big deal.


My brother and his wife adopted a scared kitten that showed up under their porch last year. The scared kitten is now a huge cat and play attacks their dog on a regular basis...

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I'd put the pup on a leash, fo' sho' and be ready to call him away when you first see his little butt clench like he's going to leap forward. I'd let the kitten on the ground and have the dog several feet away on a leash and ideally preoccupied with something *awesome* like a kong or a chewy so the kitten can feel safe that the dog isn't even looking at him. I'd do that until the kitten was being a bit braver then I'd have Finn in a sit or something and let them make eye contact for a few seconds and then call the pup away again and just do that a lot until the kitteh feels safe. All this would be on leash as a back up... that'll get you a good start.


When i do cat dog intros I have the mantra "The cat is always right the dog is always wrong" because in a battle, ultimately the cat will loose so I want the kitteh to feel very comfy. Unless you have a horrible monster cat like me that pins your dog in a corner then attacks her.... but that's another story.

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