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Training Rainey

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I started to officially train Rainey. She has finally matured enough to take training. Tonight I posted videos of her working in various situations.


I'll try to post a weekly progress report if you folks are interested


Rainey working on June 11




I was trying to tape and work her at the same time. It doesn't work well trying to do both so I'll get someone to tape while I work her. Let me know if you want to see weekly (hopefully) videos or picture or progress report.



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Mind you that know basically nothing about herding, well except what Diane taught me on Wednesday, but we were lucky enough to watch her work Rainey for a few minutes on the ewe/lambs and wow that little dog was impressive.

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In case anyone was wondering, I have not used a line on Rainey at all when she is on stock. I had a good down on her before I went into the pasture and made her stay next to me and when she downed, I let her have her sheep.


I started Rainey in the round pen for about 6 or so times, then out to the pasture. She worked tight and fast and by positioning myself I was able to make her kick out and then one day, she started working very well and lo and behold a day later , she went from 20 yard outrun to 50 to 100 to 200 yd outruns a couple of weeks later. At first I would be halfway to the sheep but now, most of the time she is at my feet when I send her.


I also use Rainey for chores and stall work. She can squeeze herself between a bunch of ewes in a packed pen and bring them. The practical work really helps her confidence as well as making her more solid.


In the big far field the outrun in 650 yds and she has gone 200 yd to find sheep in the tall grass. Maeing she can not see the sheep but trusts me enough to know they are out there. I can see them and I stop her and flank or walk up as needed and she gets them. A couple of times, I let her figure it out. I let her bring the sheep at a fast pace on the fetch as I don't want to take too much out of her and she will slow down or stop if I ask. I like to have a pup that is pushy and will let them be pushy so they have something there.


What I like about rainey is that she is like her mom, Tess. wants hard to please but if I let her get the sheep on her own, she will figure it out and try to do it right. She does have strong eye so I have to make sure she doesn't let it hold her to the sheep.


For now, I am just working on her outrun, lifts and gathers with three to 50 ewes/lambs in easy close situation to tall grass, tough situations. I'll try to get video of her working in the big far field.....



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Here are a couple of short videos


Not Rainey but a couple of students of mine. We were at my Open field and this is the farthest the dogs have ever gone in this field. I got a new camera which does video and am still trying to figure it out so excise the jerkiness. I am taping and they are running their dogs.





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