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Just wondering if anyone on the boards has had any good or bad luck w/ Icelandic or Icelandic crosses. We just purchased two ram lambs and reading websites about them they sound pretty hardy and like they should handle the wet ground here pretty well. Any thoughts or advice is great, thanks.

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Hi Julie (right?)-


There's an Icelandic flock on the island. They seem to be rather hardy and thrifty, though small. Nice fleeces, for what they are- double coated & rug wool quality, but neat colours. They don't flock worth poop! Very tough on a dog. And fences... good grief! They're worse than goats (yes, Bill, WORSE than goats!).


To me, they seem best suited to a small, specialty, hobby flock where it doesn't matter if the lambs don't finish very heavy. They're fun little sheep, and I do like the fleeces, but I'll let someone else raise them :rolleyes:

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