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Dog about to be put down....

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I copied this from my "Marlie update"...



Also, while I was at the vet's office...someone brought in a dog that had been in a fight with their other dog. They wanted the dog put down. I really think after hearing the story, they just didn't want the pup. I have five dogs and can't afford anymore and would be doing a disservice to the puppy if I took it in. I was able to stop them from putting her down but I don't know how much time she has. They had the needle all ready to go. Anyone got any suggestions???


My father, bless him, is willing to pay for the puppy's boarding costs and is even willing to pay the fees/donations to a no kill shelter or foster home. He may even pay to fly the puppy anywhere she needs to go. She is a Shepard Husky mix, 11 months old, 37 pounds, brown with a little bit of black, knows basic commands, and is spayed (I think). She is also current on all her shots.

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