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1 year old, off and on

Debbie Meier

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I have 5 pups here that are all littermates, they just turned 1 year old. Four of the five are pretty strongly driven, simular to their sire, you want to make sure they are aware of you. One is looser eyed and not as into controlling but has no problem getting right in there to move sheep and the 5th just isn't showing me the intensity that her littermates have.


I'm not putting any pressure on her, just every now and then (once or twice a month) I let her go out with me to play a little, today she was into getting around the sheep but once everything was gathered up she bepopped over to sniff some poop, pick up a bone, visit Jake who was at full attention on the sheep. If the sheep moved they would draw her back in and she would work her way back around, sometimes getting in too close, a little grip and split but nothing serious, she seems to be more playing then wanting to be serious about work.


If you had her how long would you give her before placing her as a pet? She's a nice little dog and would be a joy as a pet or agility dog for someone, would bet that she would treat motivate, she seems to be fearless. I can get her to fetch the sheep, and she will go out and help you but I'm just not seeing the focus or drive that would take her any distance. Any thoughts? Any suggestions to get her locked in more, other then doing what I'm doing and continue to wait on her?



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