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Changes that Jake is making

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Carol, I wanted to bring you up to date on some of the adjustments Jake is making, more to clear my concience that these are good changes and we are heading down the right path.


A couple of days back while I was taking the sheep out to graze I finally was able to get Jake to momentarily give up running to the head to stop the sheep and he gave it a go from the rear and the side as I have been showing him in controlled training, Vicki was already back there and had the sheep controlled so he ended up working back there with her. Since that day he has made some changes, yesterday as he was driving the sheep he actually came up and put a little controlled heel nip on, which he has never done in the past except when excited, then as the sheep went to accelerate and move off line he went just far enough toward the head to catch their eye, when he caught their eye they started to turn back to the original line and he just stopped, where normally he would follow them around and get into their faces. He then proceeded to release to the rear of the group in a wear action.


Today he made another adjustment, he appeared to have found the balance point on the drive on his own, which was off to the side and as the sheep were driving off rather then staying up with them in the same place he actually sunk back letting them cast off, as he did his stance was also sinking down flattening getting cat like but not stopping, the further they cast the lower he got, eventually he fell into a place holding a steady speed and distance, but his stance stayed slinkey. The sheep maintained their speed (a slow easy trot), they did not slow or go off course as he was easing back and they stayed together (about 40 head, ewes and lambs).


My mind is telling me to just keep my mouth shut and as long as he's not leaving something or letting them run off, along with being willing and ready to flank to a new location and stop when asked to let him find his way.


I hope I'm explaining this so that you can get a good visual, I've not seen what he is offering done by other dogs so I'm not certain that these are all good things, but it also looks like stuff that is very usable.


Thanks in advance.



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Guest carol campion

Hi Deb


I think if you are seeing progress and success, then you have the answer.


My rule of thumb is to set up exercises so the dog can practice his skills in a win-win situation and then gradually extend it to more challenging versions of the task. If they keep coming, I increase. If they struggle, I fall back a bit and keep "showing".


I spend a great deal of time with youngsters "showing" and slowly up the ante as they rise to the challenge.


Too harsh, I think, to continually stick a dog in a situation where they are over their heads. And I think doing that can possibly undo some of the ground work you are achieving. You need to occasionally do it to see where you are at. With patience and care, the dog will be able to gear towards working freely and not spend time on the "show me" stuff.



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