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Worried about teeth


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My collie pup (8 mths) has a brown 'shadow' on his canine which is worrying me. I have enclosed a pic to see what you all think? Am I being paranoid or is this worth a vet visit? I have circled the area of concern - the other 'speck' on his tooth by the gum was something tasty out of the garden, and isn't there any more!


My dogs have always had fabulous teeth, including my two 13 yr old collies - but this little pup's tooth is bothering me.



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I've seen a fair number of teeth that have that coloration on them while doing dentals (I work at one of the vet clinics in Kamloops). I doubt any of the vets in town would say much about it...if you wanted to find out exactly what it was, you'd have to go to a dental specialist. I doubt anyone would do anything about it and if it were my dog and I had to pay for a vet visit, I would not bring my dog in for that, I'd wait until the dog needed something else and then bring the tooth thing up as well. The tooth still looks smooth so tartar isn't going to stick to that spot or anything. Not sure, but perhaps its just an area of damage (maybe he hit it or something while it was still growing in??).

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