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I have to brag..a HUGE brag. MISTY!!!

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ok because IO have been working on Mistys heeling since I got her at 7 weeks old and she is currently 4 years old, and not once have I ever managed to get her to heel outside of my property(well unless you count the sidewalk in front of my house) and I usulaly have to celabrate when she doesnt yank my arm off..well you get the picture. well today I took her to an obedience fun match, and to my shock and amazment she Heel'd..in fact she not only Heel'd but she completed the Heel exersize so flawlessly that people gasped in amazment and cheered :eek:

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Congratulations Shayna! These darn dogs learn so many things so fast that when you come up against something that one of them refuses to cooperate on, it can be pretty frustrating to stick with the long, slow process of working it out. You deserve a lot of credit for continuing to work on Misty's heeling all this time.


Also, I love all the other cool things you've taught her in the meantime! That toilet sequence still makes me smile when I think about it

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Congrats on the heel! Good job working with her, and not giving up either. Great job :rolleyes:

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