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Steal a Sheep Fram a Guy . . .

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And he comes back to do business with you again. :rolleyes:


So last spring, we sold a bunch of sheep to a guy we'd been doing business with all winter. Please note, we were giving him a STEAL on these sheep because I was doing some seriously hard culling last winter.


When he came in late spring there was nothing left but newly weaned lambs to sell. I gave him my price, which was still a steal, but he tried to bargain us down (reasonable, but I wasn't budging much). I gave him a tiny break, and he came to pick up the sheep.


Lo and behold when we loaded the sheep up, he didn't have all the cash with him.


Long story short, I ended up letting him take the sheep anyway, but warned him I'd be coming to get one back (the equivalent of what he was short), if he didn't come back with the money. Well, we ended up going and getting the sheep. I don't think he realized we could do it pretty easily even though his pasture was locked up, by using the dogs to hold the sheep to the fence (good boys, Ted and Gus!).


A couple days later he showed up and said he had the money, could he have the lamb back. I told him no. He warned me he'd not do business with me anymore. I said that was up to him and he left.


Yesterday afternoon I looked out and guess who was in the driveway? He said he needed twenty sheep. I'd noticed his pasture was getting pretty sparse and wondered whether he was bilking so many people in the area that he was running out of sellers who will deal with him. Question answered! I figure he's pretty desperate to show up here again at the sheep stealers' place. . . :D . . .

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I won't be doing business with him again. I told him I had nothing (true) and to come back in April, when I'll by the way have nothing again, I'm sure.

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I had a couple of guys like this....wanted a lamb for $30-40 when I was selling them for $75-100...etc....I did sell them a lot for a good price then they were short so I told them it was a package deal and if they wanted to break the package deal, it was $100 per lamb....they ran to town and got the remaining money out of the ATM....after that I told them $100 per lamb and when they balked...I gave them # of other sheep folks.


I called the other sheep folks and gave them a head's up so suddenly their lamb prices were $100 each.


Now I see his ad on CL looking for lambs, $30-50 for 100 lbs lambs



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