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Speaking of shedding...

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When I get my income tax refund I’m going to splurge and buy a grooming table.

I’ve wanted one for years but never indulged. But, this is the year. Just trimming

nails is a major project. I’m old and fat and getting down on the floor is hard and

once I’m down there it’s very uncomfortable. I won’t even mention trying to get back up. :rolleyes:


I think Lewie is starting to shed already. I notice just this past weekend that

there is more hair than normal. Usually when I vacuum, the floors stay halfway

clean for a day but I didn’t even get the vacuum put away before the hair was

noticeable again. Can’t wait till he really starts to blow his coat. :D


While surfing the net this weekend I found petedge.com. They have some relatively

inexpensive tables and accessories. I’m also going to get the pet stairs so I don’t have

to lift The Kid. Sixty pounds is just too much for me. I can’t even lift him into the

bath tub. I figure the stairs will come in handy for use in the truck, also. I hope the

equipment will make grooming much less stressful for us both.


Can’t wait for that refund check!


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