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Progressive Shedding Workshop

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Progressive Shedding Workshop

Instructed by Linda Tesdahl and Barbara Klein

Mount Airy MD.


The premise of this workshop is to offer 3 one day classes, each one week apart, to teach you the skills to take your dog from the basics of shedding through advanced shedding skills. Classes 2 & 3 will build on the skills learned the previous week. Classes will start at 9:30 AM and finish up around 3:30 PM but may run later depending on attendance. Hot drinks and lunch will be provided.


Dogs entered should know their flanks and have a reliable stop and recall. To get the full benefit of this workshop, handlers should be able to do their homework during the week between each class. We will focus on teaching you the basic skills needed to get reliable sheds. You can then teach these skills to your dogs.


Workshop dates are: 3/8, 3/15, 3/22.


Attendance is limited and the cost for the three day workshop is $250.


For more information or to register e-mail: barbklein@barbklein.net or linda@lazyewe.com .


Registration and confirmation will be by e-mail. Payment can be taken care of at the first class but keep in mind that attendance is limited so if you reserve a place and decide not to come you will be needlessly denying another person attendance. You will also be required to sign a release at the first class.

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