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Border Collie leg position

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Welcome to the boards! You are taking some steps in the right direction already, checking out the dogs and asking questions.


Have you already read the "Read This First" section that is posted at the top of the message boards? That will help you get a good start on what to look for in a breeder and a dog, as well as giving you the "flavor" of this message board.


Working-bred dogs tend to come in quite a variety of sizes, shapes, coloration, ear set, eye color, and so on. One thing that I have noticed is that there are some very good dogs that, shall I say, would never make it in a conformation show - and that's a good thing, in general.


Toeing out is not usually considered a very good thing in many species and breeds, but I am not sure that a mild toeing out is an issue in an otherwise sound working-bred Border Collie. Some people even consider a mild toeing out in the hind legs to be desirable and indicative of flexibility and agility in a dog. Too straight, stiff, post-y legs are not compatible with athleticism.


What would be more important than photos of the father and mother would be to see them in person, evaluate their temperments and personalities, and see how they work on stock, and behave around people, cats, children (if that's an issue for you), and non-livestock animals. Also, a photo, unless it is "posed", can be misleading - I have a dog with very nice legs but if he is standing and then looks in another direction, a photo could make it look like his legs are quite crooked - and they are not.


I am sure some one will be able to give better information than I can on the subject you inquired about.

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I think there may have been a discussion of toeing out in the not-too-distant past. I remember a bunch of folks posting photos of their dogs that toed out a bit. If that sample was indicative of anything, it was that toeing out isn't all that unusual in border collies. Maybe someone else will remember the thread and be able to find it and post a link.



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