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Coccidia again

Guest maya's mom

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Guest maya's mom

So I had Maya at the vet today, for some vomiting issues, and I also took a stool sample just in case. I'm glad I did, b/c they ran it and it showed that she has coccidia again. I asked how could she get that.......we haven't been around many dogs this winter? They said it was most likely from eating deer or bunny poop. Which, unfortunately, I do know she's done. Maya had coccidia very badly as a puppy. They said it was normal, but that hers probably took longer to go away, b/c at the time, she was eating bunny poop. We do all we can to watch her in the yard, and stop her when she tries to eat it, but what else can I do? Our yard is very big.......is there any supplement, or old wives tale for getting them to stop eating deer/bunny poop? Thanks.

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