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Norman Close Clinic and Lessons, PA, NH, CT

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Norman Close of Handhills Border Collies www.handhillsbordercollies.com will be on the east coast to judge Warren Mick's spring trial. We are very fortunate that Norman has agreed to teach lessons and a clinic while he is in the area.


Norman was raised on a mixed farm in Lancashire, England and has been working with livestock all his life. For over 11 years, Norman has been training, working, trialing, and breeding border collies, and has bred and trained some of the top trialing dogs competing in the US and Canada today. He enthusiastically shares his experience and techniques for success through clinics and lessons in Western Canada and throughout the Northwestern US. He is especially gifted at starting young dogs and working with handlers of all levels. For more information or a brochure, please contact any of the following.



Lessons April 27-28 Hillsboro, NH contact Rob Drummond rob@brailsfordco.com

Lessons April 29-30 Hampton, CT contact Carol Campion carcampion@yahoo.com

2 Day Clinic May 2-3 Quakertown, PA contact Leslie Whitney keralesfarm@verizon.net

Lessons May 4 Quakertown, PA contact Leslie Whitney keralesfarm@verizon.net


Don't miss this unique opportunity to work with a gifted trainer, handler, and teacher.

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