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Edgeworth Winter SDT Results


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Held as a fundraiser for the annual October trial, this year’s Edgeworth Winter Trial expanded into a four day event from January 9-12. Friday saw a different sort of event for Edgeworth farm, a cattle trial. Eleven dogs ran and former National Cattledog Champion Roy Johnson finished at the top of the placings with his Chip. After the trial was over, there were several fun cattle runs as well. Saturday began with the Open Sheep class, won by Kelly Bradley with her young dog Jim, in his first Open trial. Following the Open class, the first of two Nursery classes for the weekend was held, with 10 dogs running. Jeanine Van der Merwe ended up at the top with her Pete. Sunday brought out the Novice dogs, along with the second Nursery class. Linda Tesdahl and Suede won the Nursery, Nancy Starkey finished at the top of the Open Ranch class with Drift, Randy Munford and Sonny won the ProNovice, and Charlie Hurt took the Novice Novice class with Patsy. Following the competition on Sunday, there were again quite a few fun runs. The long weekend finished up on Monday with a Fun Day, with sheep set wherever participants would like, for 10 minute practice sessions on the big field at Edgeworth.




Thanks to Dee Penatzer, our judge for all of the sheep classes, and to all of the folks who pitched in to help with the setout, and with clerking for the judge at the bottom of the field. The sheep for this trial were yearling cheviot and cheviot crosses, light and challenging. All four days were well attended and the weather cooperated very well for January, cold but mostly dry. It was another great event and thanks to everyone for joining us!




Open Cattle: 11 dogs


1. Roy Johnson--Chip


2. Tom Forrester-Pete


3. Deb Johnson--Abby


4. Richard Rogers-Jill




Open Sheep--38 dogs


1. Kelly Bradley---Jim--84


2. Carla King------Emma--82


3. Doug Brewer---Taff--80


4. Linda Tesdahl--Ryan--78


5. Tom Forrester--Pete--77


6. Janet Harvey----Scott--73


7. Christine Henry--Tweed--72


8. Christine Henry-Rook---70




Nursery1--10 dogs


1. Jeanine Van der Merwe-----Pete--77


2. Barb Klein------McKenna-----73




Nursery 2--9 dogs


1. Linda Tesdahl---Suede--81


2. Jeanine Van der Merwe----Pete--78




Open Ranch--11 dogs


1. Nancy Starkey--Drift--69


2. Linda Tesdahl--Suede--67


3. Nancy Starkey--Kep--60


4. Myra Soden---Dan---49


5. Mary Brighoff---Lance--47




Pro-Novice---20 dogs


1. Randy Munford---Sonny--65


2. Mark Billadeau---Nell---63


3. Laurie Anderson--Gotta--58


4. Amanda Winecoff--Grace--54


5. Amanda Winecoff--Scott--52


6. Janet Harvey--Bonnie--49






1. Charlie Hurt---Patsy--45


2. Lynn Prescott--Nell-40


3. Tonya Forche--Ben--39


4. Steve Brothers--Meggie---27


5. Tonya Forche--Soda Pop--18

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