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Associations/Clubs that accept unregistered dogs in trials?

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Hello all, I'm not sure if this is where my question should go...sorry if its in the wrong place. I have been wondering-I purchased my Border Collie puppy purely intending to have him only to help me herd my goats. He comes from herding lines, but his mother wasn't registered(dad was, but I don't know where) and so the puppies couldn't be. I don't know much about sheepdog trials and clubs, but I have been reading up on them, and surprisingly they sound quite...fun. Bandit isn't anywhere near ready to even start training for herding, but I wanted to go ahead and find out whether/where a completely unregistered dog can enter trials. I live in the U.S, in Florida. Any orginizations near me that will accept unregistered dogs in their trials, or allow unregistered dogs to have some sort of membership in the orginization so that they can compete?

Thanks for reading!

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Any organization that is based on USBCHA trials will allow any dog, registered or not, that can do the work - and any handler that would like to do the work.


A non-registered dog will not be able to compete in anything AKC (or other kennel club) without an ILP or similar "paperwork" (another way they can make money off folks), but if you are serious about good work, you won't want to be involved with them anyway.


Check out the USBCHA website and go to the calendar to find trials in your area. Interested folks are always welcome ("spectator" dogs, if you bring yours, should be well-behaved, quiet, and on leash) and often can help out with jobs at the trial. That's a great way to make contacts and learn, and have a good time doing it. That way, you can also find folks in your area who might offer lessons.


Best wishes!

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Borderline Collie


Where in FL are you?There are a number of trials coming up in FL at which you would be welcome to attend and see just what herding is all about.Your dog need not be registered to compete but it takes some time to train a dog to be competent enough to compete.Come and see the trials and speak to the handlers who are quite approachable and can advise you.

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