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It doesn't seem like her stay is working out too well. My friend's older dog is just not as...enthusiastic about play time as little Fae is. Granted, I told her she'd have to be doing a lot of the exercising for this very reason...but I think she expected her ol' man to be a little more open to open to playing than he actually is. (He does play, he is just worn out quicker, and she's left with energy to BURN.) Though my friend has taken her out a lot during the day, on walks, a few games of fetch, she's still feeling like this little lass is a bit too active for their household and she doesn't want the dog to suffer for it if their schedules can't support her need for an energy outlet.


I told her this is why we do trial periods. :D


It helps that I have two young and very enthusiastic BCs here to wear her out, too.


Hm. If only I could talk the SO into keeping this one... :rolleyes:



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Thanks for the update; I was just wondering about Fae earlier today. Although it's too bad it wasn't an instant match for Fae with your friend, I'm glad she can return to your house to play with Rune and Ido until the next opportunity comes along.


And, on a selfish note, this means more chances for us to see pictures while she's with you! :rolleyes:

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