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Stopping flanks off balance


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I don't post much on this side of things, but I read it often. I'm just so happy with Ncik, I needed folks who knew what I was talking about. (Poor Scott, the SO, just looks at me confused. Flank to him means beef.)


It's been raining here for 2 1/2 days, with snow before that, so we haven't worked much lately. I took Nick out today just to get him back on the sheep before the ewes get too pregnant to move much. I wasn't expecting things to be perfect, and he did take a few cheap shots, but holy wow! he stopped his flanks off balance. And did a cross drive!


I know, for an almost 5-yr old dog, he should probably do these things already. I bought him well started, but have pretty much continued training on my own, and if we ever trial it'll be a miracle- I have Nick to work my farm flock, I'm not so into competition. So I got pretty darn excited today! I just love this little dog more & more all the time.


And no, at 43 Lbs, he's not really little, but he's the smallest dog around here!


An old, not very good pic, but at least it's got the dog and sheep!



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Good for you and Nick! I can get very frustrated and then one of the dogs will do something that just amazes me. I just wish I understood them better and was a better handler so that I could do a better job by them.


Best wishes!

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