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Flea and tick prevention


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So, Joy had fleas a while back. I didn't really know much about flea prevention at the time, so I gave her a dose of Sentry XFC. Her immune system wasn't the best at the time, since she was being switched from raw to kibble. She hasn't been on any flea and tick crap since then. All of a sudden, my dad gave Joy another dose of it. I started freaking out when I came home, saying she could have an adverse reaction.


Well, she did. I was petting her and noticed she was drooling quite a bit and had the shakes. I washed it off of her and she calmed down .


I really don't want to give anymore flea and tick stuff on her, so does anyone have other solutions such as essential oils diluted in water?


Thanks :rolleyes:

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A local self dog wash we go to offers an emu oil shampoo. It doesn't say anything about fighting flea issues, but the three

years I went there about every 4 months, none of our three dogs had fleas. Last year we moved and adopted a 4th dog

so decided that we better start bathing at home...within 8 months we had fleas. Now there is no proof that the emu soap had

anything to do with it, but it seems highly likely to me. And no, the fleas were not at then new house b/c it is brand new

construction with all new carpeting. We are using a flea medication right now, but it is a chewable tablet called comfortis.

Many years ago I had problems with a dog cleaning the topical variety off and getting sick so was pleased when my vet gave

us this as a new option, however, it can be tough on some dogs stomaches, but our 4 seem to handle it with no issues.

I'm going to finish out the pills we have and then to a test experiment with the Emu oil and see if it helps.

One thing to keep in mind is that fleas can live a long time in carpeting and bedding. So you need to make sure to clean

everything really well. Don't even attempt the old flea bomb method, it doesn't work. But there is a carpet powder you can

buy that seems to do a good job.


Best of luck

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