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2009 Training Events at Bittersweet Farm

Guest carol campion

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Guest carol campion

Throughout 2009, we will be hosting a number of training and handling clinics at

Bitterweet Farm in Hampton CT.


In late April/early May, Norm Close of Idaho will be here at the farm. He will then be going

on to Hillsborough, New Hampshire to do lessons at Rob Drummond's Liberty Tree Farm.


In mid to late June we will be hosting Kevin Evans of Wales for lessons and a clinic. Kevin

is the 2009 winner of the International Supreme SDT. He will be traveling on to Canada to

do lessons/clinic with Fiona Robertson of Creekside Farm, Quebec.


In October, Derek Scrimgoeur will return to Bittersweet for a three day clinic & lessons

before traveling on to Maryland for a clinic there with Caroline Reichard.


Also, through the year, I will be hosting a continuum series of clinics on starting and

training young dogs, in addition to flank & stop clinics.


If you are interested in taking part in any of these events, please let me know and we can

put you on the advance contact list. Specific dates for all will be announced shortly.


Please contact me at: carcampion@yahoo.com


Happy New Year to all.





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