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rough playing ?

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Tamyr (18 months) has a good friend Luna ,(owners are good friends too so it's a bit sad) up in the village who's not yet a year , they like each other a lot , and play quite rough (no one ever cries out though) , but the point is whenever we've been doing things together , a hike , or just the dogs playing while we chitchat or whatever , the next day their Luna is all sore and crawls like an arthritic old dog and generally is off her pail for a couple of days .

I've seen the awesome pictures of Eve and Dakota and in comparison mine look like angels !!!

We've been joking a bit but I am concerned . They did even go to the vet on one such day , who found nothing wrong , but it really worried me .

I'm wondering if Tamyr hurts her but she bravely fights on with a smile (she's never the dominant one), or that it doesn't hurt in the heat of the game so she doesn't ever cry out or run away ...

Has this happened to others ( sorry if I am not clear enough in my question ?) She's a sweet dog , like a small lab , exactly the size of Tamyr but she doesn't get 10% of what Tamyr gets in exercise , which is not the point of course though it might have an impact ...so can dogs hurt each other that bad and not react ?

I have of course already decided I would in future intervene straight away when we meet to keep my dog from being rough with Luna even though they run into each other's jaws like long lost friends everyday , but well , I am concerned about my friends' dog (is this normal?)and about mine being unknowingly too rough ...

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she doesn't get 10% of what Tamyr gets in exercise
I think you hit on it right here. I wonder if Luna is just very unfit and her wild and rowdy playtimes with Tamyr just leave her achy. If she's "overdoing" it for her level of fitness, that could leave her stiff and sore, just like it would anyone who did more than they were fit for.


Perhaps increasing her exercise might make her better prepared for rough and tumble play. Mine play pretty hard and, as they are reasonably fit, they don't suffer any ill effects.


Best wishes!

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Thank you for the answer , I was thinking this could be the reason , Luna is not at all the same type of dog , and is quite content with a half hours walk morning and evening , I mean she really doesn't seem to want more , so I suppose I'll have to supervise seriously if I still want us to meet ...

It was just so surprising to cross their path as I went out to the cow fields , and their pup shied away and whined a little the day after they "played" , I felt bad , wondering if Luna didn't suffer from some hidden disease ...her ailment is Tamyr the brute :rolleyes:

-who is so sweet and soft at home .

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Jacko has two friends, Boris and Vinnie, and anytime the 3 of them hang out and play (usually for a few hours at a time) he is completely worn out for a day or two following. Not only does he get more exercise in that one day than normal, but the excitement of playing with other dogs does a number on him as well.


So I'd say that Luna is exhausted from the spike in activity, which is normal, and that the soreness is probably from that as well. Think about anytime we, as humans, decide to do something we haven't done in a long time - run, ride a bike, any kind of sport, even working in the yard. Our muscles are certainly sore the next day! It's probably the same thing.


I highly doubt Tamyr is too rough, especially if there are no signs of problems, so I wouldn't intentionally keep her away from Luna. Can you make it a more regular thing, where Luna could build up a tolerance and not get the sore muscles maybe?

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Thanks for your input it's reassuring . I didn't think it was just Tamyr's playing either , because when they accidentally do hurt each other there's a big yelp and you can almost hear "sorry sorry" :rolleyes: and then they get back to it , but it's very rare .

The difficult bit be will be to convince my friends about this , the guy did joke about sending Luna to a local gym and Thai boxing , but I could see they were flustered ...our lifestyles (and the dogs') are very different .

Our mutual vet said Tamyr is build like an athlete , something about having a very slow heartbeat in repose , and Luna is , well , in repose ...

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