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hello all,


just thought i'd post a few photos of an interesting sheep breed we work here. these are two year old rams. they are lovely sheep to work, prone to jumping like deer sometimes which can be quite amusing if not deadly when you're trying to grab one to sort.

i'm posting a photo of my pup skoj- now 6 months- a firecracker of a dog. she's quite keen to work but i'll wait till she's almost a year old.

we had mosse magnunson here for a clinic last month. he was such a good clinician.explained everything so clearly and gave invaluable advice. well worth bringing him over for a clinic:) if anyone's interested, have a look at his dog jim. 2 years old.there's a video of him working on his website.




as always, i enjoy reading the posts here!



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Thank you for sharing these with us. It is wonderful to hear about clinics around the world and clinicians from around the world. Can you tell us any more about the clinic, basic training philosophy, etc.?

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thanks julie.skoj is quite a character and she's tiny slip of a thing- 10 kilos at 6 months. the ewes also have horns,about 10''-12'', so you really have to watch your backside!


sue, i can tell you one of the most interesting things that i learned from the clinic is his method of starting a young dog. of course he likes to see how they circle and treat their sheep from the beginning but he soon goes to working the sheep on a fence line. he doesn't let the dog work a whole circle until he is responding to his commands on the half circle. i've been worlking with finn on this for the last month and i'm so pleased with the results.it has settled him a great deal and i have so much more control over the situation. i find he is not trying to beat me to head the sheep. i've been laying out markers of hay on two concentric half circles,one farther out than the other, and stopping and calling finn in at these different points. i think this is something serge van der sweep uses and it really shows you how well your dog is responding to your lie down or there commands.i was reticent about working him on the fence and asked mosse if it wouldn't develop any bad habits- covering sheep or taking them to a fence line to control them.but i now having so much more success in stopping finn anywhere along the circle ,call him in to drive some and continue on.he said of course it depends on the dog as far as how long he keeps them working on the fence.anyway, this is one of the biggest things i took from the clinic.i can be awfully dense sometimes so i hope i got it right!mosse spent a long time in th uk and i believe he got started with j.h.wilson.

we are having the president of the welsh chapter of isds here for a judging clinic next month and i'm sure we will all learn a great deal from that. we just got our isds associate membership here in hungary but we have an awful long way to go!

i too am interested in different countries' handlers/methods. i am looking forward to the continental championships in germany in august and of course the world and international in september!

julie,here's one more pic of skoj from a couple months ago.my little rat dog!


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Wow, thanks for the detail! That reminds me of one clinician over here (from Canada, actually) who starts younger or less experienced dogs on a circle with sheep but a half-circle on the fenceline or wall with cattle.

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