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I got this from the CO agility boards. I do not know the person that wrote it but I don't think they would let people post stuff like this without it being true. You have to be allowed onto the boards, so they know everyone who is on there. Just so you know.


I guess I'm pretty lucky that I don't have to buy this stuff.



*Forwarded with permission*


Guess this is a "heads up" about a new product on the market called

Promeris, maufactured by Ft. Dodge.



This is a very important message to my family & friends who have

dogs-cats--and to alert you to the hazard of using a new Flea & Tick

Preventative called ProMeris http://www.promeris com/consumer/ .


This is a new product designed to be a more effective product than other

flea/tick treatments that was just released this year. It is available

thru a vet and not currently on-line. I got ProMeris this week for my 7

dogs (6 Huskies & 1 Golden-Airedale) , and the results were

debilitating for nearly all of them-including me. Since my incident this

week, my vet has pulled it from distribution and alerted the

manufacturer, Fort Dodge


Here are my results: Within less than 2 hours after applying, 4 of my

dogs had vomited from 2-4 times, 3 were disoriented and stumbling, 1 was

dragging his back leg, 1 was salivating. I had very similar symptoms

like an allergic reaction-my lips were swollen, eyes very red, mucous

membranes such as eyes, nose, and mouth were stinging. I was very

disoriented- dizzy equilibrium and not able to drive. To make this a

short story-all 7 of my dogs were admitted to the hospital for

veterinarian care, and 3 of them remained for care, IV fluids and

observation for 24 hours. I was in the emergency room. I'm home now and

so are the dogs. We're all feeling much better. Vet bills were over

$2,500 and Fort Dodge is paying for these. Not only can the product cause

this reaction, it has a highly noxious odor that permeated the house and

is just starting to dissipate after 3 days.


Your dogs/cats might not have the same reaction, but given my

experience-I wanted to help you all become well-educated about the




(Name taken off)



ETA: I posted here because I figured more people would see it here rather than on the health board.

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The email you posted has appeared all over the internet, and not always with the same signature. Snopes is currently researching whether or not it has a basis in fact.


If you wanted to alert people who read this section of the BC Board to the ALLEGED danger associated with this product, I think it would be more useful to provide a link to the discussion in the Health and Genetics section (link here) where POSSIBLE explanations for the ALLEGED danger are being discussed, along with alternative strategies for dealing with flea and tick problems.


And if you want a real shock, check out this discussion about Promeris between drug company reps on a public bulletin board that they apparently think no one but them reads, or should be reading. Warning: cover your ears! Okay, now that you've been warned, here's the link, but don't say I didn't warn you.

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I only posted it here since I rarely have time to check any other thread other than this one. But it can be moved or deleted if needed. I wasn't sure how much it had been discussed and or brought up. Thanks for the information :rolleyes:

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I was actually thinking of posting a thread about flea and tick preventatives but I guess I can ask here. What are the health risks to these types of products in general? They are pesticides to put it bluntly and there has to be some sort of adverse affect on the health of the animal that these products are used on. I just applied some Advantix (sp?) from the vets office yesterday since it is getting to be that season here in Indiana. Any thoughts to these products in general? We worry about holistic this and holistic that for our dogs food so Im wondering if you all use any alternatives as well? Ive tried such things as homemade orange citrus sprays and they dont work.

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