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Try Vergil Holland as he is quite near Lexington and is very well regarded. He authored one of the best-known American books on stockdog training. This is the information from littlehats.net -


Name: Vergil Holland

Location: Cynthiana, KY 41031

Phone: 859-509-1293

Email: vergilholland@wildblue.net

Web site:

Type/Number of Sheep Available: large flock; many types available

Size of Largest Field: 400 yard outrun

Have You Ever Run in a USBCHA Open Trial? Yes

Have You Ever Placed in a USBCHA Open Trial? Yes

Do You Take Young Dogs in for Training? Yes

Comments: Vergil has trained herding dogs and handlers for over 25 years. He competes and wins in USBCHA sanctioned trials with dogs he has raised and trained. His students develop into successful open handlers, winning by sometimes beating Vergil! Vergils training facilities include a 120-acre sheep operation with a few steers for cattle people. There are small arenas and fields, flat and very hilly fields with outruns up to 400 yards in some places. He has a large flock of sheep so there are dog-broke and not-so-dog-broke sheep to train on. Vergil takes only border collies for in-house training.

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If you don't get to contact him prior to mid-May, he will be one of the judges at the Bluegrass Classic Sheepdog Trial held at Masterson Station Park in Lexington. You might have the opportunity to speak to him there when he is not otherwise busy and you would have the chance to see some of the very best handler and dog teams in North American in a very challenging competition. The website is www.bluegrassclassicsdt.com. If you can go, you don't want to miss it (and there are many opportunities to volunteer to help).

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