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Update on Ollies Behavior

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Thankyou so much to everyone who shared info/advice/experiences in my previous post.


It was 1 week ago today that realised that ollie had some"issues" and i am so happy to say that today in his obiedience class he was a star! He did not do anything wrong! i was so proud of him. thanks to the last weeks training he sits when i say, he doesnt wait for me to ask twice. He walks to heel again, but better than he had done before. And so much more than this too. His attention in class was constantly on me, he was waiting for his commands and ready to learn,which made it such a pleasure! It was so lovely seeing him really enjoying it, and i was really enjoying it too!


Next week he will be introduced to the agility equipment and i cant wait.


Needless to say i will not be getting lax with the training again.


I have learnt that just becaues he is a trained dog now, doesnt mean i can stop training!


Thankyou so much everybody! :rolleyes:

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