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TWO border collies!!

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Ok, so my brother came and picked up my mom's 100 pound GSD yesterday. We had one night with just Stormy and the aussie that I found and now I'm babysitting another border collie for a couple days.


She's got the floppy ears and the hair on most of her body is smooth but her ears and neck and curly. She's mostly black with white feet, about 1/4 of her tail and a very wide blaze. She's also got grey freckles on her nose and her neck ruff is grey. Grey freckles on her chest and legs, too. Purty gurl! Oh yes, and one cute white dot in the middle of her back. Light brown eyes. I'll see if I can take a good picture of her to put up here.


So, she's walking around, getting the lay of the house and coming back to check in with me every couple minutes. My son loves Sadie (plays with her at the dog park frequently) and didn't want to go to school today so he'd be here when she arrived. Stormy doesn't chase balls at all but Sadie loves them so my son finds her a much more fulfilling playmate. Stormy is just chilling next to me after greeting and playing with Sadie for a bit.


This is gonna be fun.... just hope I don't end up deciding that one border collie isn't enough!!!!



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