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Testing the boundries

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Kipp has been testing his boundries the past few weeks and, boy, does he keep me on my toes!


He knows commands like come, down, sit, stay, kennel, that'll do, etc. But has started to follow them only when it is adventageous to him. So I'm back to NILIF and setting up situations so he can't get away with not obeying. He's got a great personality and a wonderful temperment, but is a smart little rascal and is always trying to figure out how to get what he wants.


Tonight he kept trying to run out to the barn and check out the sheep and cats. I called him back twice, but he turned right around and ran back. So I followed him. As soon as he saw me coming his whole attitude was like, OOPS! But I just stared at him and kept walking toward him purposefully, not saying a word. He tucked his tail between his legs and kept about 10 feet in front of me with a very worried look on his face. After about 20 feet I turned around, called him quietly and started walking back toward the house. He immediately ran right to my side and followed close all the way back to the house without a backwards glance at the barn. If dogs could breathe a sigh of relief, he sure would have done it then.


He is exasperating at times but he's got a goofy, happy attitude and I can't stay exasperated with him for more than about 2 minutes!

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