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Jack Knox Clinic Jan 11-13 Liberty NC

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I wanted to get this in for the "weekend-only" Board viewers - we'll be holding our annual Jack Knox clinic in January as usual, the second weekend (11-13). Because I'm slated to have some surgery around that time and still don't know the details, Julie Poudrier has graciously offered to take the date and host the clinic at her place.


Julie's located just a few minutes south of Greensboro, NC, extremely centrally located to all points in NC, and just a few hours from much of both SC and VA. Jack will work with all levels of dogs and handlers, from never seen a sheep, to Open level.


You can contact me this weekend if you are interested in more details. Julie will have the "official" announcement out next week, but I wanted to get the word out since it's pretty close.


E-mail me at shouse @ mebtel.net - take out the spaces - or you can call me at home, (336) 234-0389. Leave a message and please do leave a message even if you are uncertain of what the greeting was. If you call and get a really strange quick mechanical message, that's us, go ahead and leave the message.

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Thanks for posting this Becca. We have finalized the location (my place) and I have sent out the entry forms to everyone on my mailing list. If you haven't heard from me and are interested in attending the clinic and wish to receive a flyer and entry, you can e-mail me at misstwist24 at rtelco dot net. You can also call me at 336-622-5478.


Jack's clinics are always fun and a great learning experience. As Becca noted, he will work with all levels of experience and all ages of dogs. We had a great time last January working all the pups, and it will be fun to see how they've progressed over the past year. Remember, this clinic is a time to learn how to deal with problems or perfect things, so you don't need to worry about whether you and your dog are "good enough" to attend--there's no such thing as good enough. We will have a round pen, a small paddock, and a larger field to work in. The sheep are mainly lightly dogged karakuls, as well as a small number of dog-broke hair sheep.


There is space for campers, but no hookups. We will serve breakfast and lunch each day and will plan on either having a group dinner here or go out to a local restaurant one night. When I have a finalized participant list, we'll decide the where and what for dinner.


Jack usually does not cancel a clinic due to weather unless he cannot travel, so barring any major snow or ice storms in central NC in January :rolleyes: , the clinic is pretty much guaranteed to take place.


I hope to see some BC Boards folk there!



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