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Sleepless and restless


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I don't know what's up with Lili but the past couple of nights she has woken after already sleeping for a couple hours and is panting non-stop. Plus she is wagging her tail like she's ready to play. Usually when she's due for her shots for her GME (which will be Tues and Wed; they are 6 weeks apart) she slows down but not this time. No change in her eating or drinking and she's "regular" with her potty duties. But this 1am-3am "playtime?" is nuts even for her! We're going to try to do a midnight playtime in the backyard to see if that works and wears her out.


After a while of being ignored she settles down on her bed and is good till the alarm goes off. She can't jump on the bed anymore so she's gotten into this habit of standing on her hind legs with her front legs pawing at me "wanting up". She gets up on the bed and she's crawling all over the place. This is how it starts wanting up on the bed but then she jumps down and then wants back up again. She's never been a crate dog - she broke out of a locked crate (our little Houdini) so that's out of the question.


I massage her hoping that will calm her (and also feeling around for any soreness but no problems). The weather has changed here in FLA and they both love the cool nights so I'm hoping that is all it is but she's never done this before. The panting bothers me somewhat but then she'll get into her prance stance wagging her tail so I have no clue.


We go to her neurologist on Tuesday so I guess I'll just have to take naps so I'm ready for her! Anyone out there experience this or am I just the lucky one?



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