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Driving from the post

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My boy will drive once he is away from me, but when he has fetched the sheep to me at the post, he will not drive them from that point. Some have told me he lacks confidence. Or that he won't leave "mom". I walk with him all over the field, staying off of him, while he's driving, and give him positive encouragement along the way.

Any ideas of what I should try?

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This is a bit tough. I don't know who the "everybody" is who has told you he lacks confidence but I would not want to disagree with someone who has actually seen the dog.


If it is a confidence problem then yeah you need to work on that.


I would try is driving along the fence. Have him fetch you the sheep then try to get him driving any way you can and move it over so its going along a fence. Then drop back. He will have a harder time bringing you the sheep.


This is probably a confidence problem to a certain extent but its also a case of obedience. Work on his flanks and his stop doing something that he enjoys until he is very obedient. Then work on his driving. That way you don't have to drill on obedience in a phase of work he isn't too crazy about any way. You need to make him so obedient and confident in his obedience that he can transfer it to an action that he is uncertain about.


Good obedience gives a dog confidence. When he is very obedient in his flanks and stop he will know that he is doing the correct thing when you give him those commands and he can be more relaxed about taking them.



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