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Rylee is peeing A LOT

Guest jackieandryan

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Guest jackieandryan

My girlfriend just took Rylee outside about 10 min ago to use the restroom. When I got home she was overly excited and peed herself. Then about 5 min ago she peed on the floor again. So in a span of less than 15 minutes she peed 3 times. Is it common for young border collies to pee this much? I have housebroken plenty of dogs and have never seen a dog pee this much. She is crated when one of us isn't here during the day and hasn't been in there longer than 3-4 hours, other than sleeping at night. and never pees in it. And it isn't a matter of doing it behind our backs. This last time she walked right up to me, looked up at me, and peed, which makes me think something is wrong with her.


I was wondering if she might have something wrong with her bladder (UTI?). She is almost ready to go back to the vet anyways so I'll ask him as well.



Thanks for any suggestions.

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