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***EDGEWORTH OPEN SDT, October 12-14, 2007 ***

Another wonderful Edgeworth Open SDT is "on the

books". Hosted by Tom and Florence Wilson at their

beautiful home in Gordonsville VA, Edgeworth both

begins the fall trial season in the mid-Atlantic

region and is a highlight for the whole year. The

field is as picturesque as it is challenging. Groups

of 4 commercial wool sheep were set 600 rolling,

uphill yards out from the handler's post. Sheep are

not re-run for the whole first trial and just don't

get any more even from group to group. Adding to the

level of difficulty this year, dogs were asked to

fetch about 450 yards, then turn the sheep around a

barrel set on the handler's side of the fetch gates,

and begin the drive from that point. Most dogs

handled this pretty well. The extra distance did make

the drive a little more interesting. Penning seemed

to prove extra difficult this year during the first

round. Judging was Bob Jones from Wales. Three long

days of setout was handled by Tom and Florence as well

as Carla King. Dee Penatzer did her usual stellar job

of preparing lunches for the judge. Lots of folks

pitched in to help with scribing and Bev Lambert and

Robin French kept up with posting scores. Speaking of

Bev Lambert, we hope the Fall Foliage trial will be

held next year since it's the reason she usually

doesn't travel south for Edgeworth. As much as we

enjoy seeing her and watching her dogs, you'll see why

in the results below! Thanks to everyone and we'll

see you next year.



Trial 1--77 dogs competing

1. Bev Lambert Bill 92.5

2. Bev Lambert Pippa 91.5

3. Wendy Villareal Dexter 88.5

4. Denise Wall Zeke 88

5. Linda Tesdahl Jaffe 86.5

6. Tom Lacy Belle 85.5

7. Sam Furman Fred 84

8. Albion Urdank Kep 84

9. Dick Williams Lass 82

10. Tom Forrester Pete 81.5

11. Craig Rogers Jake 81.5

12. Christine Henry Rook 81.5

13. David Henry McCloud 81

14. Stephen Paxton-Hill Tess 80

15. Craig Rogers Luke 78.5


Trial 2--71 dogs

1. Bev Lambert Pippa 96

2. Bev Lambert Bill 94

3. Tom Forrester Pete 92

4. Nancy Obernier Nick 92

5. Robin French Jet 91

6. Craig Rogers Jake 90

7. Denise Wall Mick 87

8. Linda Tesdahl Jaffe 87

9. Wendy Villareal Dexter 87

10. Jennifer Maginnis Bay 84.5

11. Janet Harvey Jess 84

12. Donald McCaig June 84

13. Dee Penatzer Rob 83

14.Marilyn Terpstra Queen 82

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