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Health Problems in South Europe


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I heard some stories about health problems in keeping Border Collies in South Europe were the clime as great influence of North Africa.


As anyone has experience or any information about this?


Any vet on the neighbours has a good clear answer, so I hope someone can give me an answer.



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I don't see why the climate would greatly affect a border collie or any other dog, as long as it's acclimated. If a border collie has a particularly thick coat, then the warmer temperatures might be a bit harder on the dog, but in general a healthy dog ought to be able to manage just about any climate within reason. In my opinion anyway.


Here certain climates are more amenable to certain species of insects, like mosquitoes. Because certain mosquitoes can carry heartworms and can infect a dog with them, those of us who live in such a climate must take precautions to keep our dogs on heartworm preventive medications. Likewise, if the climate is suitable for ticks, then we need to keep an eye out for ticks on our dogs and remove them, as well as use products to prevent ticks from biting the dogs (tick-borne diseases can be fatal). But these sorts of things aren't directly related to climate--they are just the sort of things you'd need to be aware of for your particular climate.


But if I understand your question, you're really asking if the actual weather (climate) is unsafe for border collies, and I don't think a North African climate would be, except for overheating type concerns that could be handled fairly easily.



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