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Star of the North SDT Results


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The 2nd Annual Star of the North SDT was held this past weekend at Gale Woods in Minnetrista MN with Julie Hill doing the judging honors in her usual fine style. The sheep were a commercial flock from Kevin Bailey in Belle Plaine MN, ewes and lambs and proved to be challenging but workable. The Open course is a 500+ yard setout over rolling ground with a few brief blind spots on the fetch and a tricky cross-drive line. The ProNovice course was run at an angle to the Open course with sheep set 270 yards at the base of a hill. Again, terrain made for a tricky cross drive line both days with the sheep possibly drifting out of sight if too low on the cross-drive. Weather was cool and dry Friday, hot Saturday, blustery and showery Sunday, so typical for Minnesota in mid-October.


Many thanks to all the handlers who competed and to all who helped. Special thanks to Claudia and Maddie Mahon for running the bottom end of the field, to Richard and Kevin Bailey and Donna May who ran the top and did most of the spotting, and to Gene Weringa for being chauffeur and water hauler. Thanks also to Pat, Nadine, Polly, Annette, Lola, and Janet for clerking for Julie. Other than the trial host clobbering himself on the head with a post pounder, there were no major disasters. That, plus the fact that most of my friends are still talking to me, suggests that the second annual trial was a success. Partial results follow. Full results will be posted at http://www.comebye.net later this afternoon.


Pearse Ward


Star of The North SDT - October 12th - 14th 2007 Gale Woods, Minnetrista MN

Judge: Julie Hill

Novice I

Handler Dog Score (80)

1 Loretta Meuller Klink 67

2 Patricia Weringa Abby 63

3 Sandy Swanson Gina 63

4 Nadine Dzubay Molly 51

5 Patrica Weringa Rob-Roy 38

6 Tess Swanson Tabea 36



Youth I

Handler Dog Score (80)

1 Maddie Mahon (Y) Bet 42


Youth II

Handler Dog Score (80)

1 Maddie Mahon Bet 35


Novice II

Handler Dog Score (80)

1 Tess Swanson Tabea 67

2 Loretta Meuller Klink 48

3 Patricia Weringa Abby 40

4 Sharilyn Lindquist Paige 39

5 Patricia Weringa Rob-Roy 38

6 Larry Anderson Chess 35



Nursery I

Handler Dog Score (90)

1 Charles O'Reilly Katrina 74

2 Charles O'Reilly Dash 42



ProNovice I

Handler Dog Score (90)


1 Carol Campion Floss 76

2 Richard Bailey Paddy 74

3 Charles O'Reilly Dash 71

4 Charles O'Reilly Katrina 69

5 Lola Chaffin Fly 68

6 Peg Anderson Tori 68


ProNovice II

Handler Dog Score (90)

1 Charles O'Reilly Katrina 81

2 Lori Perry Darque 75

3 Carol Campion Floss 67

4 Charles O'Reilly Ivan 62

5 Peg Anderson Tori 59

6 Carol Campion Gin 53



Open I

Handler Dog Score (100)

1 Pearse Ward Riel 82

2 Lola Chaffin Queen 76

3 Peg Anderson Wyatt 75

4 Lola Chaffin Vic 68

5 Kevin Bailey Sam 65



Open II

Handler Dog Score (100)

1 Pearse Ward Riel 85

2 Maralyn Fowler Taff 71

3 Richard Bailey Boss 71

4 John Wentz Buddy 67

5 Charles O'Reilly Pete 64

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