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Need a good dog trained for open trials?


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Hey all,



I havn't been on the boards here since the old Sheepdog-L days. I'm thinking it is good to be back.


Let me recap the last five years for you;


I left the USBCHA trial field to devote myself to my rapidly growing human family. The human gremmies are now almost 3 and 5 years of age and they have proved my theory that one does indeed have to change children's food and water bowls more than once a day. So lesson learned. That's really all the most important stuff that's happened. Time to get back on the trial field!


I would like to throw an offer out to everyone to consider- I would like to get back in the thick of things by next spring and work to get a few dogs qualified for the big ol' national finals in SD (I guess we would all like that right?).


So here's the deal for those of you who have a fabulous dog or two with lots of potential and no time to train or trial. This especially would apply to those who might be newbie handlers who might want to get their ranch or pro-novice dogs some hard won experience in the open class or also grizzled veterans who might have a really 'hot' or 'pushy' dog that needs to take the edge off with experience.


I'm open this year to take on training and trialing two open dogs (3-6+- yrs. old) and one nursery dog. My offer is that I'll train them for you for pennies on the dollar like they were my own;


Here's what you would get;


- training by an open handler who has placed in the top ten at open trials in CA, KY, GA, OH, TN, and VA.

- training facilities in the heart of the bluegrass state (500 acres, 300 cows, and soon to be a bunch of woolies)

- varying degrees of field sizes (small training pen to miles of fenced field and various terrain)

- attention to detail and sound training principles

- increased dog self confidence

- real world working experience

- a year's worth of valuable trial experience

- possibly the lowest monthly training fee in the Continental US and Puerto Rico.

- a free owner tattoo (upon request, limited time offer, quantities limited, not valid with any other offer)


Of course you also get a trainer with a sense of humor.


Here's the fine print;


A. I have to really like your dog. B. I have to really like your dog. C. I have to really like your dog (the good part is that liking you is negotiable).


D. Your dog is not going to be on holiday, we are going to be working cows/ calves almost every day on four wheeler and horse back in the mornings and evenings.

E. If you have a dog that needs experience (putting miles on them) working behind stock or increased self confidence this might be a good situation for you.

F. If you have a dog that has some kind of pre-existing serious problem this probably is not going to be the ideal situation for either your dog or me.

G. I'm really good at getting a dog to pace better and hopefully keep their head in the game for the dogs that need the work, the downside is if your dog is naturally mentally off or slight of build this might not be the best experience for them.

H. There's going to be a lot of natural in the field whole herd cow work and in the pen sheep training work, dogs should already have a basic foundation, but I'll take time to train the basics if necessary for the right (3 years old +) candidate. Also, please realize that there's always a chance, as with any farm work, that a dog could get injured in the line of duty (just want to be clear about that even though I generally go way out of my way to avoid putting a dog in a bad spot).

I. You have to somehow get the dog to me (located near Winchester, KY- acording to KY govt. propaganda only a days drive from 80% of the US population).

J. You have to somehow pick the dog up (I'll buy you a coke and a cheeseburger when you come).

K. I would like to get the dogs qualified for the national finals (so if you choose to leave them with me you and I would agree that I would get them ready and run them at qualifying trails and the finals).

L. You pay all trial entry fees, I pay for gas, etc.. to get the dogs and myself there. I get any prize money (if applicable), you get the ribbons (the blue ones sure are purdy!).

M. You get a more experienced, well trained dog back after the finals.

O. There are no guarantees that your dog will make it on to the trial field (if I don't think your dog is ready in the spring I won't run him), or to the finals (hey- this can be a challenge- for obvious reasons)

P. Despite me doing due dillegence before hand, there is a chance I won't like your dogs style, in that case I'll let you know in two weeks after you drop him off (best to send a video first before you send the dog!) and you have to come get him or make arrangements (if not I give him to the local coon hunters.)

Q. There is a chance I might like your dogs style and in this case there is a very real possibility that I might try to buy him from you.

R. If you are a member of Al Queda, or go hunting with Dick Cheney, or have taken a long drive in the country with Ted Kennedy, this offer is not valid.

S. I don't take wolves, barbie collies, or poodles.

T. If your dog is bred ##Sweep, ##Spot, ##Craig, Bwlch Taff or a few others and he works well, I will definatly probably want to buy him from you.

U. If your dog is bred otherwise and he works well, I can probably help you sell him.

V. I won't accept any biscuit eaters (no hard feelings to the biscuit eating canine american community out there)

W. If you are interested in selling your dog at the Red Bluff (2009) working dog sale, and want me to train him I would be REALLY interested in talking to you.

X. If I win the national finals with your dog you have to buy me a Nachos Supreme (steak- NO sour creme) from Taco Bell.

Y. If I win Meeker with your dog you have to buy me a pizza (pepperoni and black olives with no anchovies) or maybe a Subway (whatever the daily special is)

Z. This deal is what we both make out of it, and we will mutually agree to a written contract, so please ask around about me, call me to discuss, and do your due dillegence before you decide to take me up on this offer.


I'm very serious about this offer, but things may change if I buy a started dog or two of my own in the next couple of months. In any case, thanks for reading, I would be happy to answer any questions or just plain talk dog with anyone most any time, e-mail moreno56@alltel.net or call me at 859-576-4379 for more info. I also have a personal propaganda website you can check out that really has nothing to do with dogs at all, www.tonymorenoonline.com.





Tony Moreno


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