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Amazing Prey Drive, how to train?


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Probably the first thing you'll want to do is discourage the eying and stalking of the other dog. Some people will not agree, but I beleive it's one thing that encourages a silly attitude in a dog that you want to work with on stock. Harassing another dog is just amusing himself with no reference to you - if he gets used to that, he may decide in a working situation, that it's no fun having to listen to you! It doesn't matter with some dogs, but I wouldn't want to find out when it was too late to repair the damage.


Okay, that was way more than I meant to say. I meander when I'm tired. :rolleyes:


Right now, the best thing your pup can learn is to come when called, follow you when you are walking around without being made to, and learning what "no" means. It's a bit early to be introduced to the stock. Since you won't be doing this full time (I think?), there's no hurry. Just teach your dog that you are the most amazing thing in the world, and The One Who Is To Be Obeyed.


Redirect that chase drive on toys, though you want to keep play sessions light and feet on the ground. Do lots of fun things to work you pup's brain and get him thinking about you and used to going to you for what he wants.


One more wandering off the topic because I'm tired. "Borders" are Border terriers, Border collies are Border Collies, sheepdogs, collies, or in a pinch, BCs. I just wanted to point that out because lots of people here read that and went "Ouch". :D


Good luck!

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Thanks Rebecca, so far im working on him coming when i call and so far so good, he can do the sit stay and hold for up to 5 min before his attention wanders he can also do the down and hold for the same time, and when hes stalking the other dog if i tell him to wait or stay he will stop dead in his tracks and wait till i tell him he can go, alll in all hes a very very smart dog, ive had Queenslands forever and Aussie sheps but never a BC (got it right that time) but so far he seems to be everything i was looking for, not to mention ive been looking for a smooth for along time, the rough coats just didnt fit for where i live they just get mud caked on and then can barly move.

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