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Noise phobias

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We recently moved to a new apartment on top of a warehouse. It is a storage facility and there is a lot of loud trucks and other noises outside. Also we live right next door to a very big air force base. We could wave to the pilots in the fighter jets when they land. My DH has worked at this place for years and has taken Jackson to work with him for months before we moved in. I was worried about Jackson and the noise. He hasn't shown any noise phobia in the past, but I didn't want them to flare up with so much going on.


Well, after living here almost a month I can report that he could care less about the planes, fighter jets or trucks in the parking lot. He will occasionally raise his ears up when a jet buzzs the house, but other than that he doesn't care. He doesn't seem stressed when we get home and is not barking or whining while we are gone. The day time employees have told me that he doesn't make a peep all day. We have had him outside a time or two when the jets flew overhead and when the huge military cargo planes have landed and he didn't even look up to see the noise. Makes me jump a little, but not him.


This has been a point of stress for me and I'm so happy that he hasn't become afraid of the noise and is unaffected by the city and air traffic. I would love to adopt another adult rescue soon, but I don't think I'll find another "bomb proof" dog that will not freak over the noise and heavy traffic of people coming and going downstairs in the office. I would hate to stress out a dog that much. But hopefully in a year or two we can buy a house and then we'll be able to start looking for a new addition to our family.

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