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What should I feed a new puppy?


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I put my pups on adult food. If you are feeding a premium adult food (i.e., not junk from the grocery store) to your other border collie, then it should be suitable to try for you pup as well. You could use the search function to find all sorts of threads on what people feed their dogs and their reasons for their choices. There is quite a wide variety of choices out there, and what works great for one person may not work well for another. You can't go wrong starting with a high-quality kibble and the assessing how your pup does on it. If he does well, then keep using it. If he loses weight or has other problems (diarrhea, for example) that food wasn't for him and you'll need to try another. The main thing is not to encourage rapid growth or weight gain (roly poly puppies may be cute, but it's not healthy) as it will put too much stress on young, growing joints, which could cause problems later.



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