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Chris went today to the store to get Ouzo some new food, and we had decided to try the California Natural Salmon and Sweet Potatoes. Ouzo has been on California Natural Lamb and Rice for the last 12 months, and he's doing excellent on it. Just for variaty, I suggested we try the Salmon & Sweet Potatoes. He is allergic to chicken, to the point where the tinyest piece of chicken causes him horrible diarhea for two days straight.


The owner of the store didn't have any samples of CN Salmon & Sweet Potatoes, or any small bags - we usualy buy the 30 lb bags (I think!) which last us about 3-4 months. Not a big eater, that's for sure! So today Chris came back with a 7 lb bag of Pinnacle Trout & Sweet Potatoes instead ($16), and some sample bags of Timberwolf Artic and Lamb & Apples (!). He said there was some other brad but it only said "Fish" so he wasn't sure what type of fish it was, and he would only take Salmon or Trout (no mystery fish for him, I guess :D )


Good sign, Ouzo ate immediatly a cup of the Trout & Sweet Potatoes. He's VERY picky and moody about his food. Unless we're talking paper products, which he immediatly ingests without any problems ( :rolleyes: ).


I ran a search and saw that Melanie (SoloRiver) is the only one that said she's being using it. Good enough for me! But I am still curious how other people rate this Pinnacle kibble, especially this Trout & Sweet Potatoe "flavour".


Guess I'll find tomorrow morning how Ouzo's stomach is handling the new food :D:D

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I have a senior dog on a restricted diet (fish protein and potatoes of some sort) and I rotate among several brands of dog food for him, one of which is Pinnacle (Eagle Pack and Wellness are the others--I had tried Timberwolf Organics, but couldn't keep weight on him while feeding it). He seems to like it and does well on it.



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