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It was a blast!!!!


Grass Creek weather was phenominal. I wasn't able to be there for most of the week but spent Friday scribing and we watched the double lift & run off for first place on Sunday.


The sheep were from an island farm and are not used to working in small groups. JP Lalonde and Kate Broadbent did a great job at holding sheep and tending the sheep all week. The sheep were confused and scared in a small group but provided a consistent challenge for all of the handlers.


Long story short, Bev Lambert and Pippa and Amanda Milliken and Ethel finished in a tie with 119 points. To break the tie there was a regular run with 5 sheep OLF, drive, shed (any two), pen, single; Amanda and Ethel ran first, and in her normal fashion, Amanda and Ethel ran the course with precision with a minor bobble missing the cross drive panels, she came into the shedding ring, shed off two and headed to the pen; These girls did not want to pen and Amanda timed out on the pen


Bev was up second and Pippa had finished her double lift only a couple of hours before. Not bad for an eleven year old....her lines were fairly good and the sheep stretched out on the cross drive with the line a little high; Pippa lost her sheep over the hill (and if you've been to grass creek you know how bad that is), Pippa brought back 3 and than got the other 2; Bev and Pippa put the sheep into the shedding ring and quickly shed off 2, gathered the five and in orderly fashion marched them right into the pen....something that had been barely accomplished all day....it was the best pen of the day....than off to the shedding ring and shed off one no problem....


Grass Creek Champion 2007 Bev Lambert & Pippa


Grass Creek Reserve 2007 Amanda Milliken & Ethel


Fine performances by many....I loved watching a couple of the nursery dogs that made it to the double lift!


i'll see if I can post some pictures



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How's Miss Tater doing?


:rolleyes: she's started working on the big flock, still a bit tentative....she is a lunatic with the goats and the llama....ignores the ducks right now; late starters...but I'm looking forward to their next year.


Thanks for asking! See you at the finals....i'm coming down to volunteer, it'll be great to see you (and all the others I haven't met yet!)



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