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I think that you might well find the first lesson to be a time of evaluation - the instructor will be finding out about your dog and you, and you finding out about the instructor - in the context of a lesson.


Likely, it will be done in a small round pen if that is the instructor's preference, and it's possible the instructor might choose to handle your dog. That would be so he/she can get a feel of the dog and be there in a position to handle any problems/excitement that comes up. If the dog is suitable, the instructor who starts the dog may likely "turn it over" to you after a few minutes.


These are just my experience when starting with a young or untrained dog. If your dog has some training on her, the instructor may begin by having you demonstrate what you and your dog are capable of doing and proceed from there, either in the small pen or a somewhat larger area.


If you are anything like me, you will find that you think more slowly, react more nervously, and move more clumsily than you realized - as well as finding that your dog and sheep move more quickly than you can either think or move yourself! If the instructor uses really dog-broke "school" sheep, you may find them clustering quite closely around your legs and movement on your part may be hampered a bit. And, you'll need to be able to walk backwards!


You will probably come away elated and addicted! Best wishes!

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Thanks Sue. Our instructor's name is Sue also. We are very excited and I'm sure my dog will be on the move right away. Should be interesting. We are looking forward to starting. We finally got rain today after a really dry year. Sure hope we are able to get out of the driveway Wednesday! Narita

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