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Boarding where a Border Collie can get some stimulating activity?

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We are going away for a week in October and will need to find someone to take care of Urchin who will be 7 months old. I am not sure about leaving it at a boarding facility with a small space where it could pick up strange habits. Are there any Border Collie trainers near Orange County, California that also do boarding? I would pay a little extra for babysitting that helps develop the puppy while we're gone.

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I don't know of any trainers per se, but I'm in Orange County and I we did find a pretty cool boarding place for keeping our super-active, social, fun loving Border Collie happy and tired while we're away- Wags and Wiggles doggie day care (wagsandwiggles.com). They do overnight bording as well. The staff is awesome, the other dogs are super nice, I suspect it's run better than many human child day care facilities. It's not cheap, but what's money compared to the happiness of your Border Collie? You need to do an interview with them and your dog so they can be sure your dog is non-aggressive and will interact ok with other "clients". I used to think this kind of thing was completly wacky, but now that I've tried it, I'm hooked.

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