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So, Ido hates puppies. i think its because she tends to take life a little too seriously sometimes. There have been one or two young dogs with whom she would initiate play with and wrestle endlessly, but theywere ar my old work place, and I think it was because she had that extended exposure to them, and kind 'grew up' with them. And its not that she will go out of her way to hurt puppies, or that she would hurt them at all. She is very to the point if puppies try to play with her. She bares her teeth and looks/walks away. If they insist on bugging her she will give a warning yip/snap. Thats usually enough,and never has a puppy yelped in response, so i don't even think she connected enough to hurt them. She would just so much rather play with me, the ball, frisbee, or Rune, and any older male dogs on the premises. (She has a thing for older men. :rolleyes: )


So last night, I watched apprehensively as Monkey, the wee pugaranian, at a mere 7 months old, began to lick/nudge Ido's face. What I thought was about to happen, was Ido would curl her lip and slink away. But she stayed still, alert, watching.....Monkey would stop, layback, and Ido would stick her nose out to her again. This carried on for some time, and before I knew it, Ido was asking Monkey to play! She would dip her nose, bat at her with a paw, and the wrestle-mania would begin!!!


I'm just so incredibly glad to see them all three get along so well. Especially since they haven't seen Monkey in a while. She went to stay with friends while we were traveling this summer. They weren't all getting along this well when we left, so I didn't know what to hope for.

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That is awesome. I am going through the same thing with one of my dogs and my new puppy. It is getting better day by day but it makes me sad for him because he just wants to play with her.


What about Rune, who is gorgeous by the way. Does he like Monkey? I am also curious, what does Idolon mean?



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Rune loves everyone, lol. As for Ido's name, per the dictionary:


Idolon: Idolum \I*do"lum\, Idolon \I*do"lon\, n.; pl. Idola. [L. See Idol; cf. Eidolon.] Appearance or image; a phantasm; a spectral image; also, a mental image or idea.


I liked it, and she seemed to perk up at 'Ido,' her nick-name. So it stuck.

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That's so cool. Good girl Ido. Give her a big cookie from us.

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