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do you have all your ducks in a row?


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The ducks are just so entertaining! They now know that when it's time to go in for the night, I'll come along with some corn for them. However, if I just happen to be going in the direction of the duck house, I can be assured that the ducks will be right behind me....in a row! It's just too darn funny :rolleyes:


The ducks are now responding to their names (which have been changed by DH BTW!) We now have Don Cherry (although I'm tempted to call him Don Juan Cherry), and the two girls - Mango and Peaches :D They wag their tails when I'm talking to them! Last night, on the way to the duck house - Peaches actually passed by me 'running' to get there first.


They are doing an awesome job on the grasshoppers which are hatching now. Where I would normally be dogging the dang things, I don't see that many at all. And the tent caterpillar moths are GONE! Good Ducks!!


I think I'll be getting a few more ducks in the near future :D

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Ducks are like Lays potato chips... Well, you know the rest.


Our "June bugs" or whateever the heck those giant dark green bugs are, have come out and I really, really miss my ducky doodles. And the grasshoppers are just starting to show their ugly mugs.


The bright side of the lack of rain has been that the Japanese beetles don't seem t have come out at all this year. At least not here.

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