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Jackson on vacation

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DH and I went to West Virginia this weekend for a family reunion. We had to take Jackson with us last minute when our dog watcher had to help her dad after surgery. He was a dream all weekend. We have taken him camping, to friends' houses etc, but we've never taken him to a hotel or anything. He was fine on the 6 hour drive and was very well behaved at the hotel. He didn't bark at all, even when housekeeping knocked on the door. We took him to New River Gorge and walked down the stairs to take pictures of the bridge from the observation decks. So I used that time to work on "wait". He charges up and down stairs and the walkway was pretty narrow. I have trouble on stairs because I can't physically hold him back without tripping one another or pulling him off balance. But he was perfect, with a loose lead, at my side or directly in front of me up and down the stairs. Also, we stopped at every landing and and put him in a sit/stay when people passed. He was great and never moved. I was afraid of him tripping someone :D


Then we had to go to the reunion. Jackson charmed everyone. We saw his 80 yr great aunt petting him and another great aunt feeding him hot dogs. The shelter was fenced in so he was off lead and I crated him during lunch. The kids loved him and I found him laying down between 2 little girls (5 and 8 maybe) while they played dolls :rolleyes: And he was cool for the little boys with his playing dead, rolling over and frisbee. I was nervous because neither one of our families are very big dog people (heck, neither set of parents allow Jackson in the house and we've had him for 3 yrs) and I was afraid that they wouldn't want him at the reunion, but everyone loved him, he got lots of pets and he was on his best behavior. No jumping, barking, whining, or begging.


So all in all, we had a great time and my "mama's boot camp" of training over the last 6 months has really paid off. I put a few pictures up on the gallery page.


But really, who could hate this face? Seriously, LL Bean or Eddie Bauer should be calling :D


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gordon- I have been working with him for about 6 mons straight now. A few times I overheard people making snide comments about my loud dog. I've had people cross the street when they saw me with him on the leash. I was in petsmart once and an employee went over, got the class schedule and slipped it to me "just in case". We moved to a smaller apartment in town and had a lot more people on our walks. So back in January I started working on the 3 biggies for us 1) barking/whining 2) pulling/excited on the leash 3) lunging, barking, whining at passing dogs. It is finally paying off thank goodness :D He's getting older (5-6) and I'm learning more :rolleyes:

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